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Hi, my name is Shaun, your author of this blog.  To share a little about me, I grew up in Hawaii as a young child then moved to Washington state to attend college.  As I continued to learn more about who I was, I pursued a career in the education field as a teacher and a counselor.  Over the years I have had the amazing opportunity to help mold and shape middle school teen’s lives in many areas as a teacher, counselor, and youth pastor.  I continue to grow in this passion of mind and in the process another passion has joined in.  That is the passion of everything tech.  I love to read and explore all kind of different technologies and gadgets.

As far as my personal life, I am married to one of the most amazing people ever!  I thank God for her every day!  We also have one dog, his name is Toby.  We hope to add to the family in the somewhat near future so we will keep you posted.

Thank you again for coming on this journey with me!