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A few weeks ago the guys over at laan labs came out with a video recording app for the iphone for the 2G/3G.  I was pretty excited about this and gave it a try.  You can read my initial review here  Laan labs were very upfront with this first go around with the app.  They said it was doing about 3 frames per second (fps).  But they also promised bigger updates.  So I decided to take stab at the app and buy it and try it out.  It was definitely slow, but I liked the sharing options and decided I would wait around.

Well, today they came out with ver. 1.1.  And it is a big improvement from 1.0.  Here are the new features.

Speed and High Quality

First of all the overall speed of the video recording has gone from 3 fps to 10 fps.  The video doesn’t seem as choppy which is nice.  They have also have a high quality mode that you can switch to that gives your videos a little better quality, but sacrifices on length of video recording.  In the low quality mode you can record a video for quite a while.  I recorded a 5 min video in my testing. The other new feature as far as shooting video is concerned is that you can now do landscape videos in both modes

Sharing Options

This I think will be this apps strong point in the future.   For the moment, it is its downfall.  They have added to the original list of places that you can share to.  In addition to YouTube, Facebook, and email, you can now share to Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, TwelveSeconds, or even an FTP transfer.  The other cool thing is that you can share the video over a WIFI network.  So if you want to put the video on your computer as long as your iphone and computer are on the same WIFI network you can get the video.

The bad part about this is that I have been having troubles uploading to YouTube as it takes a few tries to upload and once it uploads successfully, I have yet to be able to get my video to play on YouTube.  I get a message saying that an error has occurred.  I was able to successfully email the video and got it to play on my computer, which I couldn’t do in the previous version.   At the moment I cannot get the video to upload to Facebook or Twitter, which is a little frustrating as those are the two social networks that I use the most out of all the ones that iVideo offers.  I have put in an email to laan labs about this.

So as promising as the sharing options are, at the moment, they need a little work.  Once they get stabilized  and are able to upload the videos properly, the better this app will become.


iVideo now has a place to store your video.  You can still choose to save your videos to the camera roll, but now you can also save videos to the video library that iVideo has provided.  From the library you options to share your video or delete it.

All of these are nice features and I am glad to see that this app is improving.  For the next update it looks like they plan to push the fps rate up to 15 and make the resolution even better.  It would be nice if they can work out the kinks with the sharing and uploading of videos also.  A couple of features I would like to see in future updates are touch zoom and video editing.  I am excited for the potential of this app, I hope it is able to continue to get better and better.  Feel free to go over to the laan labs website for more info and demo videos of the apps features

Here is a short test video that I did with the app:

Here is a link for the app in the app store:, right now it is $.99.

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As most of you already know there are a lot of Twitter applications period and a new one seems to come out at least once or twice a month, if not more, if you count iphone apps.  Now, specifically for the Mac, there also are a lot of Twitter applications/clients.  In fact you can google “Twitter Mac Clients” and get a ton a suggestions on all the twitter clients that are out there for the Mac.  So why do another review on an already crowded twitter client field?  Well, to be perfectly honest, to give people choice, to give them an awareness of what is out there.  To me, that is the most fun part about it, to find the “perfect” Twitter app that is just right for us!  That is really the reason why there are so many twitter clients out there.  Many different people have many different expectations and nuances of what they want in a Twitter client.  I will explain a few reasons why I liked this particular one below and for some of you, you may not agree with what I like and don’t like, but that is the beauty of having many Twitter apps out there; to give us choice!  Ok, sorry, I digress here.

So, where was I, oh yes, that’s right, Nambu.  Nambu, is a Mac specific Twitter client that has been out for a little while now.  I have been testing their app for about 3 months.  On Jan. 1st they came out with a pretty big update to their application in which they redesigned the icons and got a lot of the bugs out of the application.

Nambu is a pretty straight forward, easy-to-use Twitter Client.  They give you all of the main functions of what would give you.  You can customize your screen to see what you what and you can have more than one twitter account.  Nambu will shorten url’s using a wide varitey of url shortening services and will also let you share images and snapshots using Twitpic,, or yfrog.  You get to choose the url shortening service and image sharing service you want to use.  A small feature, that in my opinion is nice to have is a “trash” button, you can choose to trash your messages if you choose to.  I like this because when I don’t necessarily have time to look at Twitter for a while, the messages pile up and to see where I left off or not can be a hassle at times.  So it is nice to have the option to trash your twitter messages so that way the next time I check Nambu I know that all the messages that are there are all new ones.  Again, minor addition, but for me, a nice one.

Nambu also has in the works a new iphone app as well as something called Nambu Anywhere.  I can’t really tell what Nambu Anywhere really is.  You go in on their website and they give a brief explanation of what they are planning on doing with it, but nothing concrete.

Overall, Nambu has made some good improvements over the past couple of months with the new icons as well as less crashing.  The app has been able to be a lot more stable recently.  Before, it would crash at least a few times a day.  It was getting annoying.  But now I haven’t had a crash since I got the new release.  It is a cool, simple, Mac twitter client.  I can’t wait for the iphone app as well as to see what Nambu Anywhere will develop into. Does Nambu stand out above the other Mac twitter clients?  No, I don’t think so, at the moment.  There is potential for it to be a real solid application, but on the flip side, it can also just fall into the category of “Twitter Client for the Mac”.  But, like I mentioned earlier, it is all about choice and personal preferences.  As much as we are searching for the perfect app, we will never find it.  So, we have to be content with choice and the fact that it is better than nothing.

Thanks for reading, would love any feedback possible.  Feel free to comment, follow me on Twitter @theeasymac or on Facebook Fan Page The Easy Mac.

So I am always on the look out for a good application for my social networks that I use, mainly Twitter and Facebook.  I came across a few weeks ago a web application called Threadsy.  They are currently in private beta at the moment.  Threadsy is an application that pulls your email, Twitter, and Facebook into one page so you can look at it all.

The application is split between two panes.  The first pane on the left hand side pulls all your messages from your email and facebook.  For Facebook, it pulls your private messages as well as your Facebook status, and any public messages that are sent to you and that you send out.  You can look at all your messages, just your email, or your Facebook messages separately.

The second pane pulls your Twitter messages and your Facebook homepage posts into one.  You can again choose to see only your Twitter posts, Facebook posts, or both.  You can also do Twitter searches as well as see people’s bio’s that you are friends with.  There is also a place to post updates to Twitter and Facebook as well as a URL shortener.

One last feature of the application is that it also gives you the chance to chat using AIM and Facebook Chat. The only caveat is that you need to have a Meebo account to chat.  Here are some of my observations of the application.


  • nice to have email, Twitter, and Facebook in one.
  • email in Threadsy syncs with your email account.  So if you erase a message in Threadsy, it will also erase in your email account.
  • multiple Twitter accounts
  • You can do most functions for Twitter and Facebook without compromising a lot.
  • It is free, at least for now.


  • because it is in private beta, there are some bugs.  One major one is Facebook.  Every time I exit Threadsy, and I log back on, I have to reenter my Facebook settings.  This is kind of annoying and a deal breaker for me if I am going to continue to use the application.  Threadsy knows about the issue and says they are working on it.
  • even though Threadsy supports multiple Twitter accounts, you can only post a message from one account.  I wish you could have the choice to send a post from all Twitter accounts and Facebook at the same time ie like HootSuite does.
  • would like to see support for Facebook pages as well.

Well, there you have it.  I believe Threadsy is off to a good start and has a lot of potential.  If they can fix the Facebook connect issues as well as add more social features, they may be on solid ground.  If you would like an invite, either let me know on Twitter @theeasymac or feel free to leave a comment.

On Sunday night, Droplr finally went to 1.0. and there has been some anticiation about it coming out of beta. Droplr is basically a file sharing app. It gives you the option to share files such as images, web links, and screnshots as a link versus trying to email these to others. The nice thing about this is that it takes away from worrying about emailing large files and it makes it easier to share a file with a large amount of people.

Droplr Features

One of the key features of Droplr is the ease of use as far as making a file into a link. For a document or image all you really have to do is drag and drop the file onto the droplr icon in the menu bar and droplr creates a link to the file that you can tweet, email or save for later use.  Droplr also links to several Twitter clients so that when you drop something into droplr you can automatically tweet it from your favorite Twitter application. It is a nice feature to have if you have the following Twitter clients (Twit, Echofon, Bluebird, or Tweetie, or

Droplr also gives you the opportunity to write a note and then save it into droplr as well.  This is especially nice for those that want to save code as a link.

The other nice feature is that droplr has a website that you can log into that shows everything that you dropped into droplr.  It also shows the short link as well as the number of views your link has had.

This is basically about it for droplr.  It is a nice app to have as it makes sharing a whole lot easier.  They will have some competition from Cloud App which is in current beta and looks pretty sweet.  Droplr gives you a free account with 1GB of storage and will give you another 1 GB of storage if you tweet their message that you think droplr is awesome.  Some people have been complaining about this tweet message that droplr asks you to do, but hey, it gives you another gig of storage so I tweeted it.  Overall, great app, I think they are on the right track, would love to see droplr integrate their service with more apps as it continues to grow.

HootSuite last night came out with it’s anticipated iphone app.  If you don’t know what HootSuite is, go check out my review of it.  HootSuite took the main ideas of the web app and put it into the iphone app.  You can have multiple Twitter accounts on the app.  HootSuite also has their own url shortener as well, which you can put a url into and they will automatically shorten it for you.  One of the nice things about this is that HootSuite keeps stats on these url’s so that you can see who is clicking your urls.  They only keep stats for the ones that HootSuite shortens, not any other service.  Other than that you can search and see trends within Twitter.  That is basically about it.

Right now it is on sale in the app store for $1.99 till Dec. 17th,  I don’t know if I would pay full price for it, but so far it is a good app.  I think it will get better if it can integrate Facebook and Linked In into the iphone app, similar to how they do that for the web app.  Below are some screenshots of the app itself.  Feel free to leave comments.

I just reviewed HootSuite the other day and now the official word is that their IPhone app is coming out tomorrow, Thursday at 9 am EST. Check out the video and the link for more info. www.hootsuite/iphone. Does anyone think this is going to be a good twitter app?

I am always looking out for a great Twitter and Facebook Client. There are a handful out there with Tweetdeck being the most famous of them all. For me, there is something about being able to look at my Twitter accounts as well as look at Facebook within the same application. It is just nice not having to switch between apps to update and check tweets and Facebook statuses. So in my quest for this Twitter and Facebook integration application, I came across Hoot Suite.


1.  Twitter and Facebook Integration

Hoot Suite does a great job of integrating both Twitter and Facebook into their app.  You can have multiple Twitter accounts as well as multiple Facebook accounts as well as Facebook pages.  It is so nice that I can integrate everything from both Twitter and Facebook into the app.  Hoot Suite also doesn’t skimp on features of Twitter and Facebook within their app as well.  For Twitter I can do the main functions (mentions, dm, retweet, favorite/unfavorite) as well as groups, searches, and lists.  For Facebook, I can see my news feeds as well as comment and “like” comments as well.  Hoot Suite has really done a good job of making the transition seamless from using both Twitter and Facebook separately into one client with all of its features.

2.  Message Area

This to me is one of the nicest features of Hoot Suite.  When you are ready to tweet or update your status on Facebook, all you do is type in your message and click on the accounts or Facebook pages you would like the message to show up on.  This is a feature that is also on TweetDeck, if you are familiar with their interface.  Hoot Suite also provides its own URL shrinker.  So, if you have a url you would like to insert it will shrink it for you.  But it doesn’t stop there, if you have a file or image you would like to upload, you can upload the image or file to Hoot Suite and they will automatically upload the file and create a url for it.  This is very handy if I want to send a file or image to someone and it is too big to email.  The other nice feature of the Hoot Suite url shrinker is that Hoot Suite keeps stats on the url.  So you can see how many people clicked the link, where they are from and from what site they clicked it on.  This is a really nice feature to have if you are wanting to keep track of traffic to your site.  The last thing about the message area is that there is a button called “Send Later”.  So you can type a message and schedule a time when you want that message to go out and Hoot Suite will make sure the message gets sent out when you want it to.

3.  Miscellaneous features

Hoot Suite also connects to LinkdIn, as well as  I have not tried to connect to these services as I don’t use them so I cannot speak to how well Hoot Suite does with them. You can also have multiple editors for a single Twitter account if you so choose.  HootSuite is also working on an Iphone app, which I am definitely looking forward to.

Overall HootSuite is a great web app.  It does just about everything I want it to do for Twitter and Facebook, with the exception of being able to play Facebook games 😉  I love it so much that I have even made it a Fluid app.  If you don’t know what Fluid is, go check out my previous review on it.  I would even contend to say that Hoot Suite is better than TweetDeck.  Yes, TweetDeck can do most or all of the things Hoot Suite can do, but Hoot Suite just seems to work well and gets the job done.  TweetDeck, seems too flashy for me and doesn’t always work correctly.

So there you have it.  My review of Hoot Suite.  For you visual people, I have set up a video to give you a visual tour of Hoot Suite.  Hit the link for the video. As always, please leave your comments and feedback.  Hit me up on Twitter (@theeasymac) or on Facebook (The Easy Mac).  Would love to hear from you!