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A week ago I stumbled along a Twitter post from a mac blogger about the upcoming application called Thoughts that was coming out for the Mac.  So my curiosity got the best of me and figured I had to see what this app was about.  The first thing I noticed about the application is how clean and well done the interface looked.  It is a note taking application at its core, but the best thing about it, is that it is fully integrated into the Mac and looks like it was put together very nicely.

Books and Pages

Thoughts starts out with “books”.  You create a book and you can have as many pages as you desire in that book.  The book even opens up like a book would and every time you start a new note, the pages turn, again like a book would.  This is kind of a nice visual feature to have.   You can add pictures from iphoto or from the web, web links, text, and documents that you have.  Each note has it’s own formatting palette, which  has the basic functions of any word processing application.   The formatting palette is enough that I could write my post in here and didn’t have to sacrifice on any formatting that I wanted to use.


There are three ways that you can export your pages.  You can export your notes as a Word document, PDF, RTF, or an Open Document.  You can also email and print pages.

This is pretty much it as far as features of the application.  So, why do I like this app so much??  Well, first of all the UI is so well done.  It just looks good and with the pages turning like a real book, it is those little things that make this so visually attractive.  I love that I can capture everything in here and the guys who built Thoughts made it so easy to add content from other places.  Can we compare this to Evernote, the popular note taking application?  Not really, because I don’t think they are in the same class.  Thoughts doesn’t have a web application or an iphone app like Evernote does, but for me that is not a deal breaker.  I like Thoughts for the dead simpleness of being able to write things down and capture text, links, or images from other places and being able to organize them in a neat way.  Right now Thoughts is in private beta, but if you purchase the app you can get into the private beta as well as score two more pieces of software in their PreOrder Bundle.  The cost is $34, which is not bad, but may be a little high for some.  For those of you that are looking for an application like this, but don’t want to pay the yearly fees of Evernote, and are willing to sacrifice an iphone and web app, this may be the best app out there for what it is trying to accomplish.

Well, that is it for now on Thoughts.  I am sure it is only going to get better and I will make sure to keep you all updated.  Below is a walkthrough video of the application to give you a better idea of the application.  Feel free to leave comments, thanks again.  You can also follow me on Twitter @shaun_27 or on Facebook at The Easy Mac