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A few months ago, I got in on the MacHeist Nano Bundle.  With it came a free app called Shove Box.  To be honest, I really didn’t think much of it and I kind of dismissed it after playing with it for about a half hour.  Then a couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through my applications folder for an app to review and for some reason ShoveBox caught my eye.  I decided to give it another try and to actually use it for a significant amount of time this time around.  I am kind of glad that I did.

ShoveBox is an application that lets you basically “shove” documents, texts, url’s, music, and images into the application and gives you a space where you can save things.  Think of it as a virtual locker where you can compartmentalize and save things in.   The app rests in the top menu bar and you drag and drop whatever you want into it.  There are many other ways you can get “stuff” into your ShoveBox as well.  You can take notes, capture images through your iSight, jot down a quick note (something they call “quick jot”)  and import from your clipboard and put it all the ShoveBox as well.  I like that they give you so many options to get what you want into ShoveBox.

When you get into the app itself, it is pretty basic in design.  ShoveBox has an “InBox” where everything that you put into ShoveBox goes into here.  From here you can move whatever you put into ShoveBox into folders, if you like.  Within the app you are also given the option to use the capture feature you get when you use the menu bar.  So, if you would rather not use the menu bar, you can feel free to open up the app and do the same things you could in the menu bar.  Within the app you have the ability to flag and label your “stuff” that comes into the app.  Also within the app you can edit documents with limited formatting options.  But it gets the job done if you are doing simple notes.   You can also export anything that you put into the app itself.  This is a nice feature to have, but I notice that when I put a Word Document into ShoveBox and then try to export it, I lose some of the formatting.

One of the great things that ShoveBox did is that they created an iPhone app to compliment the Mac app.  This is not as full featured as the Mac app is, but it gets the job done.  You can capture images with your camera and create notes and save them into your folders or inbox within ShoveBox.  The Mac App and the iPhone app do sync together, but they have to be on the same WIFI network in order to sync.  They cannot just sync over the air.  This is kind of a pain because I have to remember that if I capture anything on the iPhone app that when I go home I need to sync it with the Mac app.  This may not be a huge deal to some, but to me, it would be nice to have something that syncs over the air so you don’t have to worry about this.

Overall, this is a pretty decent application.  The Mac App costs $25 and the iPhone app is free.  Not bad for what the app can do.  For those of you that are familiar with Evernote, I would say ShoveBox is a few steps below.  ShoveBox is for the person that is looking for a simple application that they can put small notes, receipts, pictures, etc into.  The one nice thing about ShoveBox as compared to Evernote, is that there is no storage limit or yearly fee, it is just a one time payment.  If you are looking to purchase ShoveBox, you can get it here.  Let me know if you have any questions, looking forward to hearing your comments.  Catch me on Twitter @shaun_27.  Here is a video below of ShoveBox.


The main reason why I got a Google Voice account is so that my wife and I could have a “home” phone number.  When we both got married we both had cell phones and hadn’t used a land line in a long time, so we decided to keep it that way.  Well, as we found out after the first few months when people wanted to get a hold of us, we didn’t have a central number that someone could call to get a hold of either of us without having to call both our cell phones.  We still didn’t want a landline and deal with the extra costs, and so when Google came out with Google Voice, I jumped at this opportunity as fast as I could.  This now gave us what I was looking for, which was a number that people could call and it would ring both of our cell phones that way we were both somewhat accessible to people by dialing one number.  The only thing I kept waiting for was an iPhone app for Google Voice, but my hopes were crushed when Apple decided to deny Google of the native app for the iphone.  Well, the wait is no longer, sort of……

Today Google came out with a workaround for Apple’s denial of a Google Voice App.  Google has always said they were going to put together a web version of Google Voice for the iPhone and today they made good on that promise.  For those of you who don’t know a whole lot about Google Voice, it is basically Google’s own online phone  system.  It isn’t like Skype in that Skype is a VOIP.  With Google Voice, you still need your own phone line, whether it be a land line or a cell phone.  When you dial someone’s number Google Voice dials your phone that you connect to Google Voice, and then it connects your phone to the number you dialed.  The only difference between this and a regular call with your cell phone or landline is that the number that you are calling from is your Google Voice phone # and not your cell or landline #.  The one nice advantage Google Voice has is that you can send SMS messages to anyone for free.  This is nice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on text messaging.  Google Voice also has some other nice features like a neat call forwarding option.  You can set a schedule for how you want your Google Voice phone calls forwarded and to any number.  So I can set my Google Voice number to ring to my work phone while I am at work and to my cell phone after work is over.  The other nice feature is that Google Voice is able to transcribe your voicemails and send you an email with a transcription of the voicemail so that you can respond either by

I spent most of today fiddling around with the app and checking out how well it works and how similar it was to the actual Google Voice web app on my computer.   My initial thoughts on the web app is that it is very good.  It basically does everything you could do on the web app on a computer.  I was able to call and SMS very easily on the web app.  The navigation is also very easy and intuitive.    It also stays in sync with the computer web app pretty well also.

The one weird thing on the app was when I would dial someone it would ask me to dial the person, but would give a weird number that wasn’t the person that I was calling.  I would press “call” anyway and it actually went through to the person I was calling, so not that big of a deal, but just a little weird.  My other wish is that I wish there was a way to be notified you get a SMS message other than email.  I wish you could configure GV to SMS your phone number when you get an SMS on your GV #. As of right now I can only get it on email, which is I guess okay.  Overall, the app works very well.  You can add the GV site to your Home Screen so it is easier to get to the app.

As a side note, a Google Voice Chrome extension just came out as well, which is very hand to have.  The extension lets you know if you have any voicemails or SMS messages and lets you respond to them from right inside of the extention.   You can also call or SMS someone straight from the extension.  It is a pretty nifty extension to have especially if you are by your computer a lot during the day.

Overall, it is a nice app to have for the iPhone and for life in general.  So why is Google Voice so attractive?  Well, it really depends on the person and why they are using it.  For me, it gives me a central phone number for my wife and I.  I can also get FREE text messages through Google Voice, which is nice.  It is almost making me think about cutting down on my SMS costs with my iPhone plan.  And everything about Google Voice is free, outside of the international calls you make, which are at a decent price.  Unfortunately, Google Voice is an invite only app right now.  You can request to get an invite here.

My life may not be as crazy as others, but I have been finding over the months and years that my life is pretty busy and I need to write things down.  I needed an app that I could put my calendar on as well as my wife’s.  I also wanted a way that my wife and I could look at our calendar’s on our Macs, or any computer, and our iphones and be able to make changes to our calendars on any one of those platforms and it would sync over the air.  Not a lot to ask right?  Well, unfortunately, I didn’t find one application to do this.  But I did find a way to do this, with the help of a few applications.  This post is mainly to talk about the three main applications that make this possible.  They are Busy Cal, Google Calendar, and Nueva Sync.  Most of you are familiar with Google Calendar, but I will talk more about Busy Cal and Nueva Sync and how all three of these apps put together gives me the ultimate calendar organization process. Busy Cal is what I really wish iCal would be or become some day.  It really takes all of the basic features of iCal and brings them to a whole other level.  Like iCal you have the basic Day, Weekly, Month view, but it also adds a list view, which I really like.  You can create notes for each event and they will show up for the event.  You can also add recurring to-do’s which are nice as well as add sticky notes to the calendar.  Busy Cal also gives you features to add graphics and live weather to your calendar.  But, one of the main reasons why I like Busy Cal is that it syncs with Google Calendar and to your Local Area Network (LAN) or in “Simple Man’s” terms, your wifi connection.  The nice thing about this is that if you use Google Calendar and/or an iPhone, this comes in very handy.  I will explain more about this in a bit.

If you remember earlier my goal was to have access to my calendar as well as my wife’s calendar on my Mac, or any other computer, or my iphone.  I also wanted to be able to make any changes on any one of these three platforms and have it sync over the air to our Macs, Google Calendar, and our iPhones.  Well, about a 8 or 9 months ago, I figured out two different ways to make this happen with a decently priced and a not so decently priced way to do this.

The Decently Priced Alternative

This alternative uses iCal, Google Calendar, Nueva Sync and Busy Sync.  First, to explain Nueva Sync, it is a FREE syncing service that syncs your Google Calendar to your iPhone Calendar.  It is very similar to the Google Sync, which does the same thing as Nueva Sync, except you can only sync 5 calendars in  Google Sync.  In Nueva you can sync up to 11 calendars.  So that is why I chose Nueva Sync.  You can sign up for it here. Busy Sync gives you the syncing capabilities you get with Busy Cal except you would have to use iCal.  The cost for Busy Sync is $25. When you look at other syncing services for iCal and Google Calendar, this is actually a pretty decent price.  You can purchase Busy Sync here. So basically you first connect your Google Calendar and iCal with Busy Sync.  This gives you the flexibility of adding appointments on iCal or Google Calendar and it will sync both ways.  Then in order to give you the option to add and make changes to the iPhone and to have it sync back to your iCal, you use Nueva Sync.  Once signed up with Nueva Sync, it will sync your iPhone with your Google Calendar.  Then since your Google Calendar is synced with iCal using Busy Sync, your iphone now syncs with iCal, all over the air.   There is no need to plug in your iPhone to your Mac to have it sync your calendars.  So now essentially you can make changes on your iCal, Google Calendar, or your iPhone and it will keep all three in sync.  This setup will just cost your $25, as Google Calendar and Nueva Sync are free.  The only thing you are paying for is Busy Sync. The Not So Cheap Alternative

This alternative uses Busy Cal instead of iCal, Google Calendar, and Nueva Sync.  With Busy Cal, they have Busy Sync built in so you don’t need to purchase both Busy Cal and Busy Sync.  The price on Busy Cal is $40, which is why I consider this The Not So Cheap alternative.  With Busy Cal it replaces your iCal, like we talked about earlier.  Then it will sync with Google Calendar and using Nueva Sync, Google Calendar will now sync with your iPhone and vice versa.  So this is your 2nd alternative to achieve what I originally set out to do.  If you are interested in purchasing Busy Cal, you can get it here.   So, which one works better.  Really, it is about personal preference.  Personally, Busy Cal is a little high for me.  But  I also have to say that this is the method that I prefer.  I like the added features in Busy Cal, it is cleaner and to be honest, looks good to the eye.  Another reason why I chose this method is that I was able to get Busy Cal for $10 because at the time I owned Busy Sync and everyone who owned Busy Sync at the time got the discount.  So all that to say, $40 may be high for you, it may be not.  For those of you that really want to go cheap, there is a free version of this setup, but it is partially over the air.  For that you can just get Nueva Sync and Google Calendar.  This will give you syncing between Google Calendar and your iPhone.  If you then want to sync with iCal, you will have to plug in your iPhone to iTunes to sync.  But if you are strictly a Google Calendar and iPhone user, this may be the option for you.

Well, there you have it.  Hopefully this post was helpful to you.  Now, in no way am I saying this is the only way to achieve this.  I am sure there are numerous other ways to do this.  I would love to hear your comments and what your “perfect” way  is.  Thanks again for reading.  Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @shaun_27.  Have a great week!!!

A few weeks ago the guys over at laan labs came out with a video recording app for the iphone for the 2G/3G.  I was pretty excited about this and gave it a try.  You can read my initial review here  Laan labs were very upfront with this first go around with the app.  They said it was doing about 3 frames per second (fps).  But they also promised bigger updates.  So I decided to take stab at the app and buy it and try it out.  It was definitely slow, but I liked the sharing options and decided I would wait around.

Well, today they came out with ver. 1.1.  And it is a big improvement from 1.0.  Here are the new features.

Speed and High Quality

First of all the overall speed of the video recording has gone from 3 fps to 10 fps.  The video doesn’t seem as choppy which is nice.  They have also have a high quality mode that you can switch to that gives your videos a little better quality, but sacrifices on length of video recording.  In the low quality mode you can record a video for quite a while.  I recorded a 5 min video in my testing. The other new feature as far as shooting video is concerned is that you can now do landscape videos in both modes

Sharing Options

This I think will be this apps strong point in the future.   For the moment, it is its downfall.  They have added to the original list of places that you can share to.  In addition to YouTube, Facebook, and email, you can now share to Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, TwelveSeconds, or even an FTP transfer.  The other cool thing is that you can share the video over a WIFI network.  So if you want to put the video on your computer as long as your iphone and computer are on the same WIFI network you can get the video.

The bad part about this is that I have been having troubles uploading to YouTube as it takes a few tries to upload and once it uploads successfully, I have yet to be able to get my video to play on YouTube.  I get a message saying that an error has occurred.  I was able to successfully email the video and got it to play on my computer, which I couldn’t do in the previous version.   At the moment I cannot get the video to upload to Facebook or Twitter, which is a little frustrating as those are the two social networks that I use the most out of all the ones that iVideo offers.  I have put in an email to laan labs about this.

So as promising as the sharing options are, at the moment, they need a little work.  Once they get stabilized  and are able to upload the videos properly, the better this app will become.


iVideo now has a place to store your video.  You can still choose to save your videos to the camera roll, but now you can also save videos to the video library that iVideo has provided.  From the library you options to share your video or delete it.

All of these are nice features and I am glad to see that this app is improving.  For the next update it looks like they plan to push the fps rate up to 15 and make the resolution even better.  It would be nice if they can work out the kinks with the sharing and uploading of videos also.  A couple of features I would like to see in future updates are touch zoom and video editing.  I am excited for the potential of this app, I hope it is able to continue to get better and better.  Feel free to go over to the laan labs website for more info and demo videos of the apps features

Here is a short test video that I did with the app:

Here is a link for the app in the app store:, right now it is $.99.

Feel free to leave comments or feedback.  Also you can follow me on Twitter @theeasymac or on Facebook on my fan page The Easy Mac.\

As most of you already know there are a lot of Twitter applications period and a new one seems to come out at least once or twice a month, if not more, if you count iphone apps.  Now, specifically for the Mac, there also are a lot of Twitter applications/clients.  In fact you can google “Twitter Mac Clients” and get a ton a suggestions on all the twitter clients that are out there for the Mac.  So why do another review on an already crowded twitter client field?  Well, to be perfectly honest, to give people choice, to give them an awareness of what is out there.  To me, that is the most fun part about it, to find the “perfect” Twitter app that is just right for us!  That is really the reason why there are so many twitter clients out there.  Many different people have many different expectations and nuances of what they want in a Twitter client.  I will explain a few reasons why I liked this particular one below and for some of you, you may not agree with what I like and don’t like, but that is the beauty of having many Twitter apps out there; to give us choice!  Ok, sorry, I digress here.

So, where was I, oh yes, that’s right, Nambu.  Nambu, is a Mac specific Twitter client that has been out for a little while now.  I have been testing their app for about 3 months.  On Jan. 1st they came out with a pretty big update to their application in which they redesigned the icons and got a lot of the bugs out of the application.

Nambu is a pretty straight forward, easy-to-use Twitter Client.  They give you all of the main functions of what would give you.  You can customize your screen to see what you what and you can have more than one twitter account.  Nambu will shorten url’s using a wide varitey of url shortening services and will also let you share images and snapshots using Twitpic,, or yfrog.  You get to choose the url shortening service and image sharing service you want to use.  A small feature, that in my opinion is nice to have is a “trash” button, you can choose to trash your messages if you choose to.  I like this because when I don’t necessarily have time to look at Twitter for a while, the messages pile up and to see where I left off or not can be a hassle at times.  So it is nice to have the option to trash your twitter messages so that way the next time I check Nambu I know that all the messages that are there are all new ones.  Again, minor addition, but for me, a nice one.

Nambu also has in the works a new iphone app as well as something called Nambu Anywhere.  I can’t really tell what Nambu Anywhere really is.  You go in on their website and they give a brief explanation of what they are planning on doing with it, but nothing concrete.

Overall, Nambu has made some good improvements over the past couple of months with the new icons as well as less crashing.  The app has been able to be a lot more stable recently.  Before, it would crash at least a few times a day.  It was getting annoying.  But now I haven’t had a crash since I got the new release.  It is a cool, simple, Mac twitter client.  I can’t wait for the iphone app as well as to see what Nambu Anywhere will develop into. Does Nambu stand out above the other Mac twitter clients?  No, I don’t think so, at the moment.  There is potential for it to be a real solid application, but on the flip side, it can also just fall into the category of “Twitter Client for the Mac”.  But, like I mentioned earlier, it is all about choice and personal preferences.  As much as we are searching for the perfect app, we will never find it.  So, we have to be content with choice and the fact that it is better than nothing.

Thanks for reading, would love any feedback possible.  Feel free to comment, follow me on Twitter @theeasymac or on Facebook Fan Page The Easy Mac.

There are a lot of you that got iphones for Christmas and yes there are tons of cool applications for the iphone, but that is not what this post is about.  There are other cool things about the iphone that can help maximize the use and life of the iphone.  In this article I will be talking about the many different accessories that you can get for the iphone.  Some of these I personally use or had tried out at one point, some of these are on my wish list, and a few are on the “if I had a million dollars” list.  Hope you enjoy the post and please feel free to comment.


There are literally thousands of cases for the iphone and everyone has their own opinion on which one is the best one to have.  I have been through quite a bit myself.  My wife reminds me of this all the time 🙂  So, here are a few of the cases that I have and ones that I don’t have, but think would be useful.

1.  The Naked Case by Casemate

  • The one nice feature about this case is that it covers the whole phone, even the screen.
  • made out of plastic
  • If you are the type of person who uses your phone a lot and put a lot of mileage on it, this may be the case for you.
  • cheapest place to buy: $16.97

2.  iskin Fuze

  • covers most of your iphone except the screen.  It is a hard cover.
  • very durable, great quality
  • little too bulky for me
  • don’t like the belt clip that comes with it, adds to the bulk
  • cheapest place to buy: Provantage $27.27

3.  ivyskin Quatro T4

  • this case combines the first two I talked about into one.
  • this is a hard case that covers the whole iphone, even the screen
  • very durable, very good quality hard case.
  • adds some bulk, but not as much as the Fuze
  • Cheapest place to buy: $44.99

4.  Seidio Innocase II

  • One of my favorite cases
  • very slim case that covers most of the phone, except the screen.
  • hard rubbery case
  • durable and gets the job done
  • if you are looking for a slim case that doesn’t add bulk, but still gives your phone some protection, this is the case for you.
  • cheapest place to buy: Seidio $29.95

5.  SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel

  • this is one of the most protected cases I have seen.
  • this case combines a rubber case and a pl astic case that goes over that.
  • since this has two cases it is definitely bulky
  • the biggest bang for your buck, Switcheasy gives you a bunch of accessories with this case for a great price $29.99.

6.  Marware CEO Premiere Plus

  • this is the case that I am currently using and loving it
  • has a thin plastic case that covers the back and side of the iphone
  • leather case to put iphone with case in.
  • very classy
  • sturdy and great quality
  • cheapest place to get: Marware $39.99

Here are a few other cases that you may enjoy.

Other Accessories

Below are some other accessories that I either have or would like to have for the iphone 3G/3Gs.

1.  Kensington Dash Mount

If you are like me and you use or want to use your iphone in your car, this is a great accessory to have.  The thing I like about it, is that it can accommodate pretty much any device you can fit in it.  With its expandable arms you can fit your iphone, ipod, gps, etc.  It can also be rotated 90 degrees so you can look at your iphone sideways as well.  It sticks to my dash pretty well, I have only had it slip off once, in the year and a half that I have had it.  It’s nice to have if you plan to use your iphone to listen to music in the car or need to use the map application.

Available at a variety of places: My recommendation or

2.  Screen Protection


If you don’t buy a case that covers the screen, I highly recommend some type of screen protection. The iphone holds smudges and scrapes way too easily.  Besides, the screen is one of the most important parts of the iphone so you want to keep that as protected as possible.  There are many to choose from, my recommendation is the Power Support Crystal Film Set.  It seems to do the job and in my opinion, is durable and doesn’t hold smudges as much as others do.

Available at a variety of places: My recommendation or

3.  Contour Surface Sound Compact Car Kit


This is a perfect compliment accessory to the Kensington Dash Mount.  With a lot of states now cracking down on talking on your cell phone in your car, this is a nice bluetooth accessory to have.  It gives you handsfree talking and for the most part it gets the job done.  It is a little hard to hear when you are on the freeway.  But overall, it gets good sound quality.

Best place to buy:

4.  Mophie Juice Pack Air


This, in my opinion is one of the best backup batteries for the iphone.  If you are a heavy iphone user, then a backup battery, unfortunately, might be necessary.  But the nice part is that there are a lot of backup batteries out there.  The one thing I like about the juice pack air is that it acts as a protective case as well as a backup battery and it is pretty slim for a backup battery.  The Juice Pack Air gives you about double the battery life of your iphone.

Variety of places to buy:  Best Buy or Apple, etc

5.  Griffin PowerDock 2 Charging Base


This is a nice accessory to have, especially if you have an ipod already and then you now got an iphone.  Most people who have an iphone, usually have an ipod, so this comes in very handy.  You can charge two ipods or two iphones or one of each.  The other nice thing about this accessory is that it can charge any ipod or iphone that you have.

Best place to buy:

6.  Sony Speaker Clock/Dock

This is a nice little speaker docking station for the iphone or ipod.  It gives pretty good quality sound and charges your iphone at the same time.  It also has a radio as well.  This can function as your alarm clock or just a speaker system to play your music from your iphone or ipod.  If you are looking for something inexpensive (as compared to Bose products), then this is the one for you.

place to buy:

7.  Bose SoundDock Series II


The step up from the Sony is this Bose SoundDock Series 2 Speaker.  It has very good quality speakers.  The one downfall as compared to the Sony, is that it only does one thing, play your music from your ipod or iphone.  But on the flip side of that, it does this one thing very well!  You also will pay about double of what you would pay for the Sony.

Best place to buy:

8.  Bose SoundDock Portable System


This is the next step up in the Bose systems.  It basically is the same as the previous Bose system, but the main difference is the sound quality.  I have not tried this one out so I cannot compare.  Again, you will be paying a pretty penny for this.

Variety of places to buy

9.  iHome iP1 Studio Series Audio System


I have not tried this one out, but the reason I put it on here is because I think the concept of the design is sweet!  I love the clear plastic so that you can see the inards of the system.  From what I have read, it gives out a good sound.  But like the Bose systems, this one only plays your music.  Also like the Bose systems, this one is not cheap.  Personally, I think if you are going to pay this much, you might as well go with Bose, as we all know, they are the king in sound quality.

best place to buy:

10. Bose SoundDock 10


This is the granddaddy of them all!!  I don’t own one of these because if I did, I would have to take out a 2nd mortgage!  But I did get to listen to one in a Bose store a couple of weeks ago and wow, it was amazing!!  I couldn’t believe the sound that was coming out of this thing.  You could literally buy this thing and not have to buy any other speaker system for your house.  It is that good.  Of course with this great of sound quality, you will get hit in the pocket, a $600 hit in the pocket.  But, if I had the money, I would be all over it!!!

Variety of places to get this one

Wow, there you have it.  There are a ton more of accessories for the iphone that I have not mentioned here.  I have tried to give you a variety of accessories that I like and that I think you would be interested in.  If you are looking for more accessories go and visit or the Apple Store.  Feel free to leave a comments on your favorite accessory or other accessories that you like.  Also follow me on Twitter @theeasymac or on Facebook The Easy Mac Facebook Page

We all know that the weather can be unpredictable, especially here in the Northwest US.  We have come to realize that no matter what we need to always be prepared for what is out there.  Well, along comes an app that does just that.  Outside, an iphone app, by the guys at Robo Cat, just made it into the App Store last night.  It is a beautiful looking app with a lot of potential.

There are a couple of main objectives the app aims to achieve.  The first is to give you a visual of what the weather is like outside now and what it is going to be like over the next couple of days.

The second objective is to keep you notified on different conditions so that you can be prepared for the weather outside.  For example, you can set the app to notify you if it is rainy outside, or if it is cold, or if it gets warm enough to wear a t-shirt.

Overall, this is a pretty cool app.  The first thing that stands out is the graphics.  They are very well done and very easy on the eyes.  To me, this will be their selling point.  I know for me, once I saw screenshots of the app, it looked so well done that it made me want to buy it when it came out. I like the additions of notifications as well.  I don’t know how much I will use them, but they are a nice addition to have.

There are a few things that I would like to see improve over future versions of this app.  The first is, I would like to view more than one city’s weather.  Right now you can only look at one city.  You don’t have the option to switch between more than one city.  Secondly, it would be nice to see an option for a 5 day forecast instead of having to scroll between each day.  And lastly, I am not the hugest fan of having to pay for notifications.  If you want notifications, you have to pay $.99 for them every 3 months.  So when you do the math, you have $2..99 for the app, then every 3 months you are paying $.99 for the app, so after about the first year, you are looking to pay about $7.  That may be a turn off for people, but I can understand why the guys who made the app needed to do this.  You can always choose to run the app without the notifications and not pay for it.  Outside gives you a month free of notifications.  If anything, would love to see a yearly subscription that maybe would be a little cheaper so that way you could entice more people to subscribe to notifications and you don’t have to resubscribe every 3 months.  I would possibly do a yearly subscription if this was an option.  Below are some more screenshots.

So there you have it.  Outside is a pretty good app and it is cool to look at.  Go get it on the App Store for $2.99.  Feel free to leave comments on the post or the app itself.  Also would love for you to connect with me on Twitter @theeasymac or on Facebook  at The Easy Mac.

HootSuite last night came out with it’s anticipated iphone app.  If you don’t know what HootSuite is, go check out my review of it.  HootSuite took the main ideas of the web app and put it into the iphone app.  You can have multiple Twitter accounts on the app.  HootSuite also has their own url shortener as well, which you can put a url into and they will automatically shorten it for you.  One of the nice things about this is that HootSuite keeps stats on these url’s so that you can see who is clicking your urls.  They only keep stats for the ones that HootSuite shortens, not any other service.  Other than that you can search and see trends within Twitter.  That is basically about it.

Right now it is on sale in the app store for $1.99 till Dec. 17th,  I don’t know if I would pay full price for it, but so far it is a good app.  I think it will get better if it can integrate Facebook and Linked In into the iphone app, similar to how they do that for the web app.  Below are some screenshots of the app itself.  Feel free to leave comments.

I just reviewed HootSuite the other day and now the official word is that their IPhone app is coming out tomorrow, Thursday at 9 am EST. Check out the video and the link for more info. www.hootsuite/iphone. Does anyone think this is going to be a good twitter app?

Here is a new Iphone app coming out by the guys over at Robocat.  There app is called Outside.  It is a weather app that has a slick User Interface (UI) along with some great features for weather.  It looks like the app takes advantage of push notification as well.  It is being submitted to Apple right now, so hopefully, with my fingers and toes crossed it will be out before Christmas.  Ok, so here are some screenshots.  Then hit the jump for a teaser video of Outside.  Can’t wait to review this thing in all of its glory!!!  Would love to hear your comments.