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My life may not be as crazy as others, but I have been finding over the months and years that my life is pretty busy and I need to write things down.  I needed an app that I could put my calendar on as well as my wife’s.  I also wanted a way that my wife and I could look at our calendar’s on our Macs, or any computer, and our iphones and be able to make changes to our calendars on any one of those platforms and it would sync over the air.  Not a lot to ask right?  Well, unfortunately, I didn’t find one application to do this.  But I did find a way to do this, with the help of a few applications.  This post is mainly to talk about the three main applications that make this possible.  They are Busy Cal, Google Calendar, and Nueva Sync.  Most of you are familiar with Google Calendar, but I will talk more about Busy Cal and Nueva Sync and how all three of these apps put together gives me the ultimate calendar organization process. Busy Cal is what I really wish iCal would be or become some day.  It really takes all of the basic features of iCal and brings them to a whole other level.  Like iCal you have the basic Day, Weekly, Month view, but it also adds a list view, which I really like.  You can create notes for each event and they will show up for the event.  You can also add recurring to-do’s which are nice as well as add sticky notes to the calendar.  Busy Cal also gives you features to add graphics and live weather to your calendar.  But, one of the main reasons why I like Busy Cal is that it syncs with Google Calendar and to your Local Area Network (LAN) or in “Simple Man’s” terms, your wifi connection.  The nice thing about this is that if you use Google Calendar and/or an iPhone, this comes in very handy.  I will explain more about this in a bit.

If you remember earlier my goal was to have access to my calendar as well as my wife’s calendar on my Mac, or any other computer, or my iphone.  I also wanted to be able to make any changes on any one of these three platforms and have it sync over the air to our Macs, Google Calendar, and our iPhones.  Well, about a 8 or 9 months ago, I figured out two different ways to make this happen with a decently priced and a not so decently priced way to do this.

The Decently Priced Alternative

This alternative uses iCal, Google Calendar, Nueva Sync and Busy Sync.  First, to explain Nueva Sync, it is a FREE syncing service that syncs your Google Calendar to your iPhone Calendar.  It is very similar to the Google Sync, which does the same thing as Nueva Sync, except you can only sync 5 calendars in  Google Sync.  In Nueva you can sync up to 11 calendars.  So that is why I chose Nueva Sync.  You can sign up for it here. Busy Sync gives you the syncing capabilities you get with Busy Cal except you would have to use iCal.  The cost for Busy Sync is $25. When you look at other syncing services for iCal and Google Calendar, this is actually a pretty decent price.  You can purchase Busy Sync here. So basically you first connect your Google Calendar and iCal with Busy Sync.  This gives you the flexibility of adding appointments on iCal or Google Calendar and it will sync both ways.  Then in order to give you the option to add and make changes to the iPhone and to have it sync back to your iCal, you use Nueva Sync.  Once signed up with Nueva Sync, it will sync your iPhone with your Google Calendar.  Then since your Google Calendar is synced with iCal using Busy Sync, your iphone now syncs with iCal, all over the air.   There is no need to plug in your iPhone to your Mac to have it sync your calendars.  So now essentially you can make changes on your iCal, Google Calendar, or your iPhone and it will keep all three in sync.  This setup will just cost your $25, as Google Calendar and Nueva Sync are free.  The only thing you are paying for is Busy Sync. The Not So Cheap Alternative

This alternative uses Busy Cal instead of iCal, Google Calendar, and Nueva Sync.  With Busy Cal, they have Busy Sync built in so you don’t need to purchase both Busy Cal and Busy Sync.  The price on Busy Cal is $40, which is why I consider this The Not So Cheap alternative.  With Busy Cal it replaces your iCal, like we talked about earlier.  Then it will sync with Google Calendar and using Nueva Sync, Google Calendar will now sync with your iPhone and vice versa.  So this is your 2nd alternative to achieve what I originally set out to do.  If you are interested in purchasing Busy Cal, you can get it here.   So, which one works better.  Really, it is about personal preference.  Personally, Busy Cal is a little high for me.  But  I also have to say that this is the method that I prefer.  I like the added features in Busy Cal, it is cleaner and to be honest, looks good to the eye.  Another reason why I chose this method is that I was able to get Busy Cal for $10 because at the time I owned Busy Sync and everyone who owned Busy Sync at the time got the discount.  So all that to say, $40 may be high for you, it may be not.  For those of you that really want to go cheap, there is a free version of this setup, but it is partially over the air.  For that you can just get Nueva Sync and Google Calendar.  This will give you syncing between Google Calendar and your iPhone.  If you then want to sync with iCal, you will have to plug in your iPhone to iTunes to sync.  But if you are strictly a Google Calendar and iPhone user, this may be the option for you.

Well, there you have it.  Hopefully this post was helpful to you.  Now, in no way am I saying this is the only way to achieve this.  I am sure there are numerous other ways to do this.  I would love to hear your comments and what your “perfect” way  is.  Thanks again for reading.  Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @shaun_27.  Have a great week!!!