As I was looking at the App Store earlier in the week I noticed an app called “CauseWorld” on the front page.  For some reason it caught my eye and I was curious.  Come to find out CauseWorld is an app that gives you the opportunity to do something good.

The basis of the app is that you have the chance to give what are called “karma points” to different charities just by going into stores and restaurants and checking in on the app on your iphone.  When you check into a store you get a certain amount of  karma points.  You can then use these karma points to donate to different charities that CauseWorld has set up.  Some of the charities include Donor’s Choose, Feeding America, American Humane, and Prevent Child Abuse Americato name a few.  When you donate to a charity you are providing a specific thing to that charity that CauseWorld has set up with that charity.  For example, when I donate 14 karmas to Feeding America, Feeding America is able to feed a meal to a person in a food bank.  And the cool thing about it is that you are not paying anything.

Other features of CauseWorld are that you can connect to Facebook to show the world what you are donating and to what organization.  When you donate a certain amount of times you get what are called “cause badges” and after a certain amount of donations you can get a promotion.  This is kind of cool that they implemented this feature as kind of like a game.  The competitor in me wants to do the best that I can!!  They also have a feed on their app that shows you other people who have donated or have been promoted to a higher level.

As with any app there are always limitations.  You can only check in at different locations every three minutes.  Also the maximum amount of check ins are 10 per day.  This makes a lot of sense so that there is no abuse to the app.  The other interesting thing about this app is that right now it is funded and sponsored by CitiBank and Kraft.  These are the two major companies that are providing the funding for the donations.  They both have generously donated a total of $500,000.  The question that I have is what happens when this funding runs out?  Will more companies come on board?  Will Citi and Kraft continue to donate?  Or, the option that I hope doesn’t happen, does the app run out of funding and shut down?  Let’s hope it is not that.

Overall, this is a great app that is not only fun, but makes you feel good inside.  Yes, I know that can be cheesy, but think about it.  We all want to do good, no matter who we are.  And lets face it, a lot of us can be lazy when it comes to doing good deeds.  I am not accusing anyone, I get that way at times too.  So this gives us a small, but fun way to give back.  The UI is very well done and so far have found no major glitches.  I highly encourage you all to get the app.  Also, right now they have added the Red Cross as an option to donate to, to help with the Haiti relief.  And right now, CauseWorld will donate double the amount of karma points you donate to the Red Cross for this cause.   You can get the app here on itunes for free.  Now go, and make a difference in this world and have fun with it!!