So I am always on the look out for a good application for my social networks that I use, mainly Twitter and Facebook.  I came across a few weeks ago a web application called Threadsy.  They are currently in private beta at the moment.  Threadsy is an application that pulls your email, Twitter, and Facebook into one page so you can look at it all.

The application is split between two panes.  The first pane on the left hand side pulls all your messages from your email and facebook.  For Facebook, it pulls your private messages as well as your Facebook status, and any public messages that are sent to you and that you send out.  You can look at all your messages, just your email, or your Facebook messages separately.

The second pane pulls your Twitter messages and your Facebook homepage posts into one.  You can again choose to see only your Twitter posts, Facebook posts, or both.  You can also do Twitter searches as well as see people’s bio’s that you are friends with.  There is also a place to post updates to Twitter and Facebook as well as a URL shortener.

One last feature of the application is that it also gives you the chance to chat using AIM and Facebook Chat. The only caveat is that you need to have a Meebo account to chat.  Here are some of my observations of the application.


  • nice to have email, Twitter, and Facebook in one.
  • email in Threadsy syncs with your email account.  So if you erase a message in Threadsy, it will also erase in your email account.
  • multiple Twitter accounts
  • You can do most functions for Twitter and Facebook without compromising a lot.
  • It is free, at least for now.


  • because it is in private beta, there are some bugs.  One major one is Facebook.  Every time I exit Threadsy, and I log back on, I have to reenter my Facebook settings.  This is kind of annoying and a deal breaker for me if I am going to continue to use the application.  Threadsy knows about the issue and says they are working on it.
  • even though Threadsy supports multiple Twitter accounts, you can only post a message from one account.  I wish you could have the choice to send a post from all Twitter accounts and Facebook at the same time ie like HootSuite does.
  • would like to see support for Facebook pages as well.

Well, there you have it.  I believe Threadsy is off to a good start and has a lot of potential.  If they can fix the Facebook connect issues as well as add more social features, they may be on solid ground.  If you would like an invite, either let me know on Twitter @theeasymac or feel free to leave a comment.