So a month ago, I wrote one of my first reviews for this blog on Chronicle.  Here is the link to that post Chronicle is a bill minder application for the Mac made by a small company called Little Fin.  It is a great simple app to keep track of your monthly bills and to give you a visual on how you are doing with your bills or credit card payments.  It also lets you set goals for each bill or credit card, which comes in very handy if you are wanting to pay down that loan or credit card.  Well, Little Fin just came out with a new version of Chronicle, which I have had the privilege of beta testing.

The biggest change in Chronicle 3.0 is in the design.  There has been an overhaul in the design of Chronicle icons and backgrounds.  They have added a couple more backgrounds for you to choose from as well as a bigger and better selection of icons for all your bills.  Little Fin also added the option to archive a bil, which is nice to have.   The rest of the changes are behind the scenes that you won’t really notice.

Features of Chronicle 3.0

  1. Setting Reminders for bills:  You can set a reminder each month for each bill that you input that will put reminders on ical for you.  Which then, in turn, will set reminders to your iphone.  This, for me is the best feature, as I tend to forget about some bills some times.
  2. Setting Goals For Your Debt:  This is probably my 2nd best feature about the app.  If you have a loan or a credit card that you are trying to pay down, you can enter in the amount and the amount you want to pay each month and set goals for yourself to pay it down.  This is great for loans, not the best for credit cards that you continue to use as the amount you owe always changes.  So, this feature is really good for bills that the amount you owe will not fluctuate.
  3. Payment History: Every month you log a payment Chronicle logs each payment onto a bar graph to show you how much you are paying over time.
  4. Import from Chronicle 2.0: If you were using Chronicle 2, you can have the option to import your data over the Chronicle 3.  I did this and all my info imported over flawlessly.

These are the main features of Chronicle.  Below are screenshots of the new Chronicle.  I personally love this application for a couple of reasons.  One, it does exactly what I want it to do, remind me about my bills and help me keep track of where my money goes for my monthly bills each month.  Secondly, the customer service is second to none.  When I first bought Chronicle 2.0 I had questions and I emailed Little Fin, and they were great at getting back to me right away and have always been responsive to my questions and respond quickly.  I have also had the chance to beta test Chronicle 3.0 and so I know that Mike and the team at Little Fin have definitely worked hard on this new app and have definitely listened to people’s feedback.  I continue to look forward to what Little Fin plans to do with Chronicle.  There are also whispers that an iphone app could come out next.  That would be awesome!!

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