On Sunday night, Droplr finally went to 1.0. and there has been some anticiation about it coming out of beta. Droplr is basically a file sharing app. It gives you the option to share files such as images, web links, and screnshots as a link versus trying to email these to others. The nice thing about this is that it takes away from worrying about emailing large files and it makes it easier to share a file with a large amount of people.

Droplr Features

One of the key features of Droplr is the ease of use as far as making a file into a link. For a document or image all you really have to do is drag and drop the file onto the droplr icon in the menu bar and droplr creates a link to the file that you can tweet, email or save for later use.  Droplr also links to several Twitter clients so that when you drop something into droplr you can automatically tweet it from your favorite Twitter application. It is a nice feature to have if you have the following Twitter clients (Twit, Echofon, Bluebird, or Tweetie, or Twitter.com).

Droplr also gives you the opportunity to write a note and then save it into droplr as well.  This is especially nice for those that want to save code as a link.

The other nice feature is that droplr has a website that you can log into that shows everything that you dropped into droplr.  It also shows the short link as well as the number of views your link has had.

This is basically about it for droplr.  It is a nice app to have as it makes sharing a whole lot easier.  They will have some competition from Cloud App which is in current beta and looks pretty sweet.  Droplr gives you a free account with 1GB of storage and will give you another 1 GB of storage if you tweet their message that you think droplr is awesome.  Some people have been complaining about this tweet message that droplr asks you to do, but hey, it gives you another gig of storage so I tweeted it.  Overall, great app, I think they are on the right track, would love to see droplr integrate their service with more apps as it continues to grow.