Brizzly has now been out a few weeks out of its private beta. I stumbled upon it when I saw that someone looked at the blog from a post I put up on Twitter and they were using Brizzly. I had never heard of it before then. I thought it was a interesting app, so I gave it a whirl.

Brizzly is basically a web application that can house your Twitter and Facebook feeds. You can do most of the core functions of Twitter and Facebook within Brizzly.

Pros: It is nice you can have a web app that does both Twitter and Facebook and like I mentioned it does do a lot of the functions that you are looking for when it comes to both Twitter and Facebook. The other good thing is that you can have multiple Twitter accounts as well.

Cons: Because it is so new, Brizzly doesn’t necessarily update consistently all the time. I wish there was a way to discard previous tweets and facebook posts, just so I only see the newest ones. But that is something more for me personally.

Overall, this is a good web application and one that you will find useful. As far as I know this is one of the only web apps that combine Facebook and Twitter. I personally have used Brizzly as a Fluid app, which is kind of nice. Brizzly is free to use, so go and check it out

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