As a husband, middle school teacher, and Jr. High Youth Pastor (hoping to add father to this list some day), there are a lot of things that I need to remember from the bits and pieces that people or students tell me or things that I need to remember to do.  Over the past couple of years I have been searching for the “perfect” solution to remember tasks, jot down notes, and to keep me productive.  There are two lessons that I have found in this journey.  One, I realized that there is no “perfect” app for my productivity woes, even though Jott was just about there.  Two, whatever I choose, I need a productivity app, period; my old way of thinking I can remember everything in my head, just wasn’t going to work any more.   So, my two year journey has come and gone, and I believe I have found something that I can finally settle down with and use for a long time and not have to feel like I need to find something better.

There are a ton of productivity apps out there.  Just search the web and you will find a variety of them.  When it came to keeping me productive, I created a list of features that I needed in an application.  

  • Web and desktop based: I use a different computer at home and at work.  So having something web based that would easily sync with a desktop app is essential.
  • Ability to set reminders for me and alert me when something is about to be due: I have found that if I just write stuff down to do, I sometimes forget about it because of the craziness that we call life.  So reminders to my email, SMS or voicemail was going to be a must for me.
  • An Iphone app: When I am on the go and I can’t write things down it seems that is when things seem to pop into my head the most, why does that always happen?  Because of this, I needed an app that I could also use on my Iphone for those random times that I needed to remember something.

After searching high and low, going from one app to another, and even the case of going back to apps to give them another chance, I finally have settled into something that I have used for a while and will continue to use for the foreseeable future.   This app has given my productivity a whole new meaning!  Ok, enough babbling about me, I give to you Jott!

Jott, in a nutshell is a task management app.  However, it does so much more than just tasks.  For the sake of this review, I will focus on the task management aspect of Jott and make a brief mention of the other parts that make up Jott.

Features of Jott Assistant

Jott Assistant, as they call it can do a myriad of things to help you become more productive in your busy life.  I will try to cover them as best as possible, but as you will see there is a lot that the application does.  First of all, Jott is a great app to help capture notes and make to-do’s with reminders.  Like I mentioned earlier, I am always overloaded with things to do and minor details about things and so I use this aspect of Jott frequently.  I can take notes or set tasks in a few ways.  I can use the web app, the desktop app, my Iphone or any smartphone, and even a regular cell phone in general to get my tasks and thoughts down so that I can actually remember them or be reminded of them later.

The Web and the Desktop App:

Both the web and desktop app are very similar. I can set up lists for different aspects of my life, reminders, notes, tasks, and read voicemail (will explain the voicemail feature later). It is very handy and does everything I need it to do for me.  The other great aspect of this application is that Jott has partnered with about 50 other companies or applications to integrate Jott into their website or application.  For example, I can integrate Twitter or Facebook with Jott and I can update my status for both Twitter and Facebook through Jott.  I can also assign a task to a specific Google Calendar that I use.  Here is a link to all of the mash-ups, as they call it that can be integrated with Jott (   Also, both the desktop and the web app sync with each other, which is a nice feature.  They both are great to use and it is handy to have, especially if you use different computers.  The other neat feature is that the desktop app is built on Adobe Air.  In simple terms, this means that I can download this app for not only Mac, but Windows and Linux as well.

(Screen shot of the Web App)

(Screen Shot of the Desktop App)

The Iphone App:

The cool thing about the Iphone app is that it does what the desktop and web app do, but adds on more features to the Jott experience as well.  One of the featur

es that I really like is the voice recording.  It is so convenient for that quick note or reminder that you need to get down, but cannot write it down at the moment. Another great feature is you can send voice or text messages to other contacts in your address book as well.  So, if I wanted to remind someone about coffee that afternoon, I could send them a voice or text message reminding them of it.  I can also use the Jott Mashups on the Iphone as well.  The nice part about this is I can choose to update services by voice or by writing it in Jott.   I can also listen to certain updates that I choose.  For example, if I want my Facebook News Feed read back to me, I can do that as well.   Refer to the link above on all the mashups you can use on the iphone.

(Screen shots from the Iphone App)

Using a Cell Phone:

Those of you that don’t have an iphone or a smart phone, you are also in luck here.  Jott takes the voice aspect of the iphone app and lets cell phone users have some of the same features.  Jott has a central phone number that you can call into and a voice recording will ask you “Who do you want to Jott?” and you just speak the command.  It can be a person,  Twitter, Facebook, your Google Calendar, a quick task, reminding someone about an appointment, etc.  You just tell Jott what you want to do within Jott and it will let you do it over your cell phone using your voice.  How cool is that!!!


A feature that I don’t use too often, but still should be noted is Jott Voicemail.  Jott gives you the opportunity to get your voicemails sent to you as a text message or an email.  It transcribes the voicemail then sends it to you.  Since the voice mails come in text format you can choose to reply to them in text format as well as a text message or email.   You can also set reminders on certain voicemails so that you don’t forget to call that person back later.

So as you can see there are a lot of features that Jott has to offer here.  Jott is continually doing this with other companies as well, so don’t be surprised in the future to see Jott apps that are integrated into other apps.  I could see Jott being integrated into Facebook some day where you can write a reminder or log an event straight from the Facebook website.  With all of these amazing features does come a decently high price.  For the basic Jott package, which gives you all of the features I have described above, excluding the Voicemail, and 15 sec. recording time for voice jotts, you can get it for $3.95/month or $40/year.  Which, when you look at productivity applications that are similar to Jott, it is actually a very reasonable price.  From there the packages get bigger as well as the price.  I have found that this basic package works just fine for me.  Jott Voicemail is a separate cost, where the basic package is free but you only get to see a small part of your voicemail turned into text.  The next package up you get 40 voicemails transcribed to text for $9.95/month.  Like, I said, this is not a big feature that I would use that often, so I have not utilized this feature.  But, I can see how for some people, maybe small businesses would find this useful.

Jott is a great product.  I have been using it for the past year now and even though I have gone out and tried other applications to help with my productivity, I have found that I always come back to Jott for its simplicity of use and the variety of features.  The last thing I will say about  Jott  is that they  did a good job of making this applications so that  anyone with a computer and a phone can use it.  Whether you are a Mac or Windows user, a smart phone, cellphone or just a plain old phone user, you can still use this app to help you stay productive and not forget those important dates in your life. If you plan to sign up, please use me as a referral by clicking the following link

Thank you for reading.  This was quite a long review, but there was a lot to cover and I hope I got it all, or at least most of it to give you a better idea of Jott.  Please leave feedback and comments as that is one of the best ways for me to get better as a blogger.  Thanks again for taking the time to read, I sincerely appreciate it!!