So I have thought long and hard about what is the first thing I should review as I start on this wild adventure of tech blogging!  As I thought about it, I wanted to review something that hasn’t be out there in the mainstream for that long, something that will catch fire as it becomes more exposed to others, and something that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money.  I guess these are the qualities that I hope my blog can strive for 🙂

So, without further fanfare, I give you………..   TINY GRAB!!!


So what is Tiny Grab you ask??  Well, like their website says “Simple. Screenshot. Sharing.”  I couldn’t have put it any more easily.  Have you ever been in those situations where you need to send a picture or a screenshot but either the file is too big or you can’t just copy and paste the screenshot into an email without losing the formatting?  Well this is the app for you.  Basically, what it does is it takes a picture of whatever you want that is on your screen and assigns a url for it.  Then you can copy and paste this url in an email or on a website so that people can see exactly what you are wanting to show them.  The cool thing about this app is now, gone are the days of having to worry about sending pictures that are too big.  Just use Tiny Grab to take a screenshot of the picture then email the link to your hearts content!!!  Here is an example

Screen shot 2009-11-11 at 5.34.58 PM

So here is a screenshot of my logo.  I wanted to email it to my wife to see what she thinks of it.  It is a decently big file.  So instead of trying to email it, I used Tiny Grab to take a screenshot of it and I was given a url  Now I can email her the url and she can open it up and see the logo.  No having to wait for it to load in an email attachment or worry if the size was too big to email.  And that is it, simple app that has and will definitely come in handy!!

The other cool thing about this is that for the next 24 hrs Tiny Grab is FREE at along with 5 other apps.  If you don’t get it free, then don’t worry they have both free and premium versions of it.  They are slowly getting big and better well known thanks to MacHeist, but now that it is out, I think it will grow with huge success on its own.  It is available for both Mac and Windows.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback!!!